How to Teach our Kids about Autism

When I was a little girl, I dreamed of being a mother. I grew up with 5 siblings and figured I’d have at least 6 kids someday. So after my first divorce where I experienced two miscarriages, I was pretty devastated that my dream hadn’t come true yet. 3 years later, I married again and … Read more

How to talk to your daughter after a hard day at school

Your daughter comes home and she has some BIG feelings. What does that look like? It could look like her getting snappy and short with you, or crying, or retreating to her room and demanding no one talk to her.  If you get reactive when your daughter comes at you like that, I hear you! … Read more

Teaching Family Responsibilities

It’s no surprise that having our kids contribute to the household responsibilities helps them understand hard work, learn life skills, and figure out what it takes to run a household. But did you know that it can be a way to increase connection in your home? I created a free family responsibilities list and chart … Read more

Episode 55: Holding Boundaries in Callings

As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints we are asked to volunteer our time to serve our congregation. We refer to them as “callings”. Whether you say yes or no to these callings, we hope that this episode provides you a framework that will help you make your choice with clarity … Read more

Episode 54: Using Revelation in Missionary Work

Have you ever wondered if the promptings you are getting are from you or from the Spirit? Then this episode is for you! This week we are diving into a devotional talk from Loren Dalton about understanding how to recognize when the Holy Ghost is speaking to you. Emily Bingham, who is a recently returned … Read more

Episode 53: Waiting On The Lord

Waiting can feel like a heavy word, especially when you are waiting for the Lord to give you the answer or the blessing or the outcome you are hoping for. There is no shortage of pain in this world! But there is also no shortage of peace the Lord can provide us. Join us for … Read more