Teaching Family Responsibilities

It’s no surprise that having our kids contribute to the household responsibilities helps them understand hard work, learn life skills, and figure out what it takes to run a household.

But did you know that it can be a way to increase connection in your home?

I created a free family responsibilities list and chart to support your family in having a conversation about how you can share the responsibilities in your household. 

This conversation is not just talking about what needs to be done in the home, it’s a chance to teach your family how they can come together as a team and support each other. 

Prepare for your family meeting by taking a look at the points to consider on the worksheet. Take some quiet time to assess the needs of your family. Be realistic about what their strengths are and what areas they need some support in. Consider their needs from a place of curiosity and approach this conversation with compassion. 

The chore cards download is another tool to help you in your family meeting. They will give your kids a visual for dividing up the household responsibilities. 

Consider the ideas for connection on the worksheet and see which ones resonate with your family’s style. My hope is that you can find something that will help household responsibilities to be more fun and create more connection. Homes that feel connected are full of JOY.


Annie Joy